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Her name is Rebecca Levine Rain.  She is the sister to Hyman Levine (written about in a previous post), from Derazhne, Russia, (Ukraine).  Married to Samuel Rain, Rebecca and Sam had 9 children.

Rebecca Levine Rain
 (photo courtesy of Russ B., grandson)
The 1910, 1920 and 1930 census lists her immigration arrival as 1904.  As of yet, I've not been able to find her, Sam or assorted children.  Although I have dates and ship name for Sam, none have proven correct.

1910 through 1917 had the Rain family living in Lynn, MA.  Samuel at the time was a tailor, and was getting into real estate.  There is a Rain Building at 203 Essex Street, in Lynn, MA, that bears his name.

Around 1918 the Rain family is in Haverhill, MA.  Samuel is still a tailor. As told from a great-grandson, Samuel was involved in making uniforms for soldiers during WW I.  Not sure if that is how they got to Haverhill.

By 1920 the family is found in Salem, New Hampshire.  Sam decided to become a chicken farmer.  In the Salem, NH Annual Report for the year ending January 31, 1921 we find Henry Harry Rain (child # 7) listed in the graduation exercises of the Salem Public Schools. He read a composition "The Pilgrims - The Voyage and the Colonies" (not sure if his or not).

Salem , NH Annual Report 1921

The Salem, NH Annual Report for the year ending January 31, 1930 indicates Sam Rain was reimbursed by the town for hens killed by roving dogs in the amount of $ 41.  Upon visiting Salem, NH during the summer of 2017 the site of their chicken farm is now developed.  The staff at the Kelley Library was most helpful in finding the annual reports.

Salem, NH Annual Report 1930

Sam died in Salem, NH of a cerebral hemorrhage on March 21, 1934. He is buried in the Children of Israel Cemetery in Haverhill, MA.  Rebecca moved to Lawrence, MA not long after Sam died.  It appears she lived with one of the married daughters.  Rebecca passed in 1945 and is buried next to Sam. 

(photo courtesy of ddjohnsonri)

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